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Lehmann “Mikado Family” . Epl # 350. lady w/baby in coolie cart

EUR 1.995,00
Category: Antique Tinplate Mechanical Toy Figures
Lehmann “Mikado Family” lady w/baby in coolie cart Known as EPL 350, this early toy from 1894 to 1918 depicts an oriental man pulling a rickshaw with a seated woman rocking a baby in her arms. Handpainted. It operates by string drive and was designed for the man’s legs to alternate as if walking as the toy moves along. The Lehmann logo and name are stamped into the metal, not painted on. Size: W 6 1/2" H. 5 1/2" / W. 16,5 cm x H. 13, 5 cm. Good condition. Working well, some wear due to age. Literatur: Heike Köhler/Katharina Kreschel: Vom störischen Esel zum Kletteraffen Tom. Brandenburger Museumshefte 6, Brandenburg an der Havel 2007; Jürgen & Marianne Clieslik: Ein Jahrhundert Blechspielzeug, München 1981. Helmut Schwarz/Marion Faber: Bewegte Zeiten/Moving Times. Ernst Paul Lehmann-Patentwerk. Geschichte einer Spielwarenfabrik/History on a Toy Factory, Hrsg. Museen der Stadt Nürnberg 2003.
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