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Rare gorgeous pink-tint early Chinahead doll with a Bun. Ca 1840

EUR: 3.225,00
Kategorie: Antike glasierte Porzellankopfpuppen und Parian-Puppen (1840-1870)
A gorgeous pink-tint KESTNER CHINA, circa 1840. She is 18" Tall/ 46 cm and is in very excellent condition. She has all-over pink tint with variegated blue eyes, black & red lid-lines, pretty black brows, oval nostril-dots, Cupid's-bow mouth with space between lips, and black hair pulled back into a bun with a centerpart. shoulders have molded chest & clavicle-collar bone. Her body is original. Made of the finest kid leather with a slender waist. The body is sturdy. She is dressed in her all antique clothing: a lovely batist swiss cotton blouse with laze-open to see her shoulders and a gown- also made of fine cotton. 2-petticoats, pantalets & chemise. A truely wonderful early china head. This lovely rare early china head doll.Black sculpted hair arranged in waves around the face with braided coronet at the crown and coiled braids at the back of head. Her hair is molded in a bun, slender oval face,long slender neck , blue painted eyes, molded eye lids , black and red upper eye liner, marked nostrils,lovely small mouth with accent red line between lips. Cloth body with slender waist, seperete stitched fingers, sewn on boots.A lovely early china head-with an lovely hairstylehairstyle.Dressed in her original antique hand sewn two-pieces dress-lot of underwear. Very fine condition. Comes from Private Swedish collection.
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